Engine Care Kit Series 450E, 500E

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ENGINE Care Kit Series 450E, 500E

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Engine Care Kit
engine care kits briggs & Stratton

Perform maintenance on your engine with genuine products

To support your aftersale power needs, we have everything you need to keep your engines and power equipment running at their peak performance for years to come. A full range of Briggs & Stratton aftercare products, developed for people who care.

Prevents problems. Period

The Briggs & Stratton range of Engine Care Kits provides you a simple and effective way to purchase everything required to service your Briggs & Stratton engine. Each kit includes all of the necessary genuine parts and oil.

4-stroke engine oil 0,5 L SAE 30

Engine Care Kit for 450E Series and 500E Series

4-Stroke Engine Oil 0,6L

Part Number#: 100005E

Specially formulated for use in 4-stroke engines in normal conditions.

4-stroke engine oil 0,5 L SAE 30

4-Stroke Engine Oil 0,5L


Spark Plug

Spark Plug


Air filter 799579

Air Filter

Genuine Parts Briggs & Stratton

Genuine Parts, delivering optimum performance.

Only Briggs & Stratton Genuine Parts are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to fit all Briggs & Stratton engines, guaranteed to keep machines running at their best and maximising engine life.

As a trusted brand and with a strong technical support network, you can have the confidence that our parts will deliver quality, giving you the best results.

Briggs & Stratton Genuine Parts are guaranteed to maintain the engine’s compliance with emission regulations.

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