Terms & Conditions  

1) Completion dates are when offered, to be used only as a guide and Mowerpower Ltd cannot be held responsible for late completion due to circumstances beyond our control.


2a) *Only applying to non-account holders* All products and machinery which have had work carried out on them and an invoice raised for that work shall not be released from our premises until all payments are made in full.


2b) Goods or Equipment, not removed from the premises of Mowerpower Ltd, by 1 week from the date of notification of completion of work or estimate ordered, will be subject to a reasonable storage charge of up to £5 per day. Any goods or Equipment left for more than one month without prior agreement will be subject to a one month written notice of disposal.


3) Mowerpower Ltd reserves the right to repair or replace parts, as may be necessary, to make the goods or Equipment safe to be used and to refuse to carry out any work on these, should the owner specifically exclude such repairs


4) Mowerpower Ltd hold the right to reject any product in for repair or service if we deem it unsafe for it to be used. Should the customer or Mowerpower Ltd choose to not repair a product due to it being uneconomical, unsafe or any such reason not to go ahead with the repair of the machinery, there will be a charge of £30 + VAT handheld machinery, £36 + Vat for walk behind lawnmowers and £80 + VAT for ride-on lawnmowers. This can be redeemed if you were to buy a new item from us in a form of store credit. These charges are only a guide which may differ due to complexity, these charges may be charged up front or before any such work is carried out. Inspection charges do not cover reassembly if required by the customer.




1) Charges and prices do not include carriage. These will be paid by the Buyer, Hirer or service customer unless stated, to be free of charge by Mowerpower Ltd at the time of accepting the order.


2) Excepting where credit account facilities have been granted in writing, all accounts are payable on demand. Credit accounts are strictly net and are due for payment on the last day of the month following the date of the invoice. Payments not paid by the due date may be subject to interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England base rate, calculated daily. This shall be without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of Mowerpower Ltd


3) Any failure of Mowerpower Ltd to enforce any or all these terms and conditions shall not be constructed as a waiver of any other rights


4) If any of the terms and conditions in this contract are held to be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions