Pulley – Small Idler (TRANS)

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Pulley – Small Idler (TRANS)

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Genuine Mountfield Transmission Belt Pulley 325601570/1

Suitable for the following models;
1640H (WM16 OHV) (2010) 2T0930483/M10
1640M (WM16 OHV) (2010) 2T0730483/M10
1840H (B&S Intek 18.5 AVS)2T5662483/UM9 (B&S Intek 4185 AVS) 2T0950283/M11
2040H (B&S Intek V2 20)2T5672483/UM9
2248H (B&S Intek V2 22) 2T6672483/UM9 (B&S Intek V2 24) 2T1515283/M10 2T1525283/M10 2T1310283/M11
Estate 6102HW 2T0970281/14
Estate 6122HW 2T1310281/17
Estate 7102HWS 2T0980281/14 2T0950681/15
Estate 7122HWS 2T1310281/14
Estate Pro 9102 XWS 2T1425281/14
Estate Pro 9122 HWS 2T1515281/15
Estate Pro 9122 XWS 2T1525281/14
Estate Pro 9122 XWSY 2T1530281/ST1
GTL46HR Twin 4WD 2T3025247/AT8

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