Used Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive E/S (Code 376B)

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Hayter re-launched their popular Harrier 41 range from 2017 with new models and improvements to the existing ones whilst retaining all the features which make the Harrier 41 a bestseller year after year. The Harrier 41 petrol lawnmowers have re-designed cutting blades, grass bags, more durable wheels and the new Vari-Pitch™ cutting technology.

The Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Electric Start mower (376B) is compact  and very manoeuvrable with a rear roller and 41 cm (16”) cutting width. Autodrive variable speed transmission means that the mower will adjust its forward travelling speed to match yours. The two piece ribbed rear roller provides a beautiful striped finish to the lawn and also allows you to cut right to the edge.

The one piece aluminium cutter deck in conjunction with the new blade and grass bag design will give you superior cut and collection performance. The single point height of cut can be adjusted through 7 settings from 13 – 60 mm.

The variable speed Harrier 41 (376) is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton 575iS InStart Series petrol engine which uses 4-stroke oil. The 575iS engine produces a powerful 150 cc and has a gross torque of 8,48. The higher the torque rating the easier it will be to mow thicker, longer grass. The 575iS InStart engines from Briggs and Stratton are the easiest starting engines in the industry. One touch starting is produced by clipping a small lithium-ion battery pack to the top of the engine, then just pull the drive lever, push the button and you’re ready to go. No more pull starting or priming the engine. E Series engines also have reduced exhaust emissions.


  • Two piece ribbed rear roller with improved differential and drive method. A ‘pin and cam’ system drives each half of the roller but still allows each half to counter rotate whilst turning
  • Durable wheels based on the Hayter Spirit design but with an increased size/diameter to suit the Harrier
  • The Vari-Pitch™ cutting technology adjusts the forward pitch angle of the deck as the height of cut is raised or lowered. This increases the airflow in more difficult mowing conditions (longer grass) ensuring superior performance at each cut.
  • Trim Side lets the user mow right up to the edge of the lawn. The right hand wheel, cutting blade and rear roller are all positioned in-line. This is ideal for mowing around borders or retaining walls.
  • A wash port has been integrated into the deck so it can be cleaned off quickly and easily after each use. Cleaning the deck keeping it free of grass will help to prolong the life of the machine.


  • Model: Harrier 41 Instart – Code HA 376
  • Recommended Mowing Area: Small to medium lawn areas
  • Cutting Width: 41cm (16 inch)
  • Drive: Yes, Variable speed (1.8-3.3mph)
  • Rear Roller: Yes, ribbed two piece
  • Starter: Electric Start
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 575iS Instart
  • Displacement: 150cc
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Engine Oil: 4-stroke (0.6l bottle included)
  • Height of Cut Adjustment: Single Point
  • Height of Cut Settings: 7 from 13 – 60mm
  • Deck Material: Cast Aluminium
  • Grass Bag Capacity: 60L
  • Folding Handlebars: Yes
  • Soft Grip Handlebar: Yes
  • Wash-Out Port: Yes
  • Weight: 38kg


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