Cable Holder D=22

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Cable Holder D=22

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Genuine Mountfield Stiga Cable Holder
replaces 322551640/0

Brake Cable Holder Fixing Plate Clamps Outer Cable of Clutch & OPC Cable to Handle

Suitable for the following models;

420HP 294434123/UM8 294434023/MO6
421HP 294434143/UM8 294434043/MO7
422HP 294434038/UM8 294434033/MO7
422PD 294435038/UM8
460HP 294484023/UM8 294484023/MO6
460PD 294485023/UM8 294485023/MO6
460PD/ES 294485923/UM8
461HP 294484043/UM8 294484043/MO7
461PD 294485043/MO7
462HP 294484033/CAL
462PD 299482338/M10 294485033/MOU 294485038/UM8
463PD/ES 294485943/MO7
464PD 294485043/UM8
483R 292505043/MOR
483RES 292505543/MOR
510PD 294538023/UM8 294538023/CAL 294538023/MO6
510PD/ES 294538523/UM8
511PD 294538043/MO7
512PD 294538033/CAL 294538033/MO7
513PD/ES 294538543/MO7
514PD 294538043/UM8
553R 292555043/MOR
553RES 292555543/MOR
HP41 297411048/M17
HP42 2L0431048/M19
HBS45 292470023/BA
HP45 299174648/M17
HP45H 299014633/BQ
HP46 299174643/M13 2L0481048/M19 295491048/M19
HP164 297411048/SF
HP180 299174623/SF 299174623/M15
HP183 299194623/SF
HP184 299174643/SF
HP185 299164623/SF 299164623/WX
HP414 297411043/BQ
HP425 295431038/M15 2L0431038/M19
HP454 299024643/BQ
HP474  299184648/BQ 299174648/BQ
HW511PD 294537043/UM8 299536043/M11
HW512PD4S (299537938/M10
HW514PD 299537043/M10
HW531PD 294556843/M19
M40PD 292502023/CAL
M41HP 292501043/MO7
M43PD 292502143/MO7
M44HP 292501043/UM8
M44PD 292502043/UM8
M480RES 292505523/UM8
M484R 292505043/UM8
M484RES 292505543/UM9
M550RES 292555523/UM8
M554R 292555043/UM8
M554RES 292555543/UM9
M60PD/ES 292552523/UM8
M61PD 292552043/MO7 292552043/UM8
M62PD 292552033/CAL
M63PD 292552143/MO7
M63PD/ES 292552543/MO7
M64PD 92552143/UM8
M64PD/ES 292552543/UM9
Quiet 514PD 291572043/UM8
S421HP 295431043/M12 2L0431843/M19
S421PD 295432043/M12 2L0432843/M19
S421RHP 299434043/M19
S421RPD 299439043/M19
S460PD 299482023/M11
S461PD 299482143/M10
S461PD/ES 299482643/M10
S461RPD 299489043/M19
S461RPD LS 299489543/M19
S464PD 299483043/M10
S481HP 294501043/M17 294501843/M19
S481PD 294502843/M19
S481PD LS 294502543/M19
S510PD 299532023/M10
S511PD 299532043/M10
SP41 297412048/M17
SP42 2L0432048/M19
SP42H 295442038/SF
SP45 299274648/M17
SP46 299274643/M13 2L0482048/M19 295492048/M19
SP46 Elite 2L0486038/M19
SP46LS 2L0486548/M19 295496548/M19
SP51H 295546138/MC
SP53 295546048/M19
SP53H 295546038/SF
SP53 Elite 295546038/M18 295546038/M19
SP164 297412048/SF
SP180 299274623/SF 299274623/M15
SP183 299294623/SF
SP184 299274643/SF
SP185 299264623/SF 299264623/WX
SP414 297412043/BQ
SP425 295432038/M15 2L0432038/M19
SP425R 299439038/M19
SP454 299274643/BQ 299114643/BQ
SP465 299482338/M10
SP465R 299489038/M19
SP474 299284648/BQ 299274648/BQ
SP485HWV 294503038/M16
SP505 292502038/M11
SP505R 292505038/M11
SP533IS 295546528/MC
SP533LS 295546548/MC
SP534ES 299325348/BQ
SP535HW 299536838/BQ 294556038/M19
SP535HWV 294557838/M16
SP535HW4S 299537038/M11
SP554 292552048/BQ
SP555 292552038/BQ
SP555R 292555038/M14
Liner; 16S 299439027/AT4
16S Li 299439007/AT7
16SH 299439037/AT5
18S 299489027/AT5
18SE 299489527/AT6
18SH 299489037/AT5
18S Li 299489007/AT7
Quattro; 15 297411027/AT7
15S 297412027/AT7
16 295441027/AT4
16S 295442027/AT4
19S 4in1 294506827/AT5
19SE 4in1 294502527/AT6
19SH 4in1 294506837/AT5
22S 4in1 294556827/AT6
Collector; 43 295431048/S14
45 12-1134-21
46 Combi B 24-3780-34
46S Combi B 24-3880-34
48 295481048/STX
48B 295485128/S14
50S 12-5234-34 B 12-5286-34
53SE BW 294537541/ST9
53SH 295536038/STX
55S 12-9234-72
48 295485048/S16
48B 295485028/S14
48S 295486048/S16
48SAE 295486008/S17
48SB 295486028/S14
48SBW 294487044/ST9 294487024/ST9
48SEB 295486528/STX
48SEQ 2L0486548/ST1
48SEQB 299486628/S16
48SH 295486038/S15
48SQ 295486848/S17 2L0486848/ST1
48SQB 2L0486828/ST1
48SQH 295486838/STX
50S 12-5281-34
50SAE 80v 294506008/S17
50SQ 294502848/S17
50SQB 294502828/S17
50SEQB 294502528/S17 294502528/ST1
50SQH 294502838/S17
50SVEQB 294503528/S17
53SB 295536028/S15
53SQB 299536828/S16
53 4SE BW 294537844/ST9
53S BW 294537044/ST9 294537124/ST9 294537024/ST9
53SE 295536548/S17
53SE BW 294537544/ST9 294537644/ST9
53SQH 295536838/STX
55S 12-9286-72
55SQB 294556828/S17
55SVEQB 294557528/ST1
55SVQB 294557828/S17
55SQH 294556838/S17
55SVQH 294557838/S17
Multiclip; 47 298471148/S16
47 Blue 298471048/S15
47SAE 298472008/S17
47QB 298471828/S15
47QH 298471838/S15
47S Blue 298472048/S15
47SEQB 298472528/ST1
47SQ 298472848/S17
47SQB 298472828/S15
50 291501044/ST9
50SAE 80v 291502008/S17
50 4S 11-5838-53 291563041/ST9 291563021/ST9 291552041/ST9 11-5437-11 291553041/ST9
50 4SE 11-5838-52 11-5838-53 291503541/ST9 291503521/ST9
50B 291501024/ST9 291501121/ST9 291501031/ST9 291501041/ST9 291501221/ST9 11-5234-52 11-5234-53 291501141/ST9 11-5281-03 291501021/ST9
504PDQ 4S 291553043/UM8
50S 291502044/ST9 291502028/ST9 291502024/ST9 Ethanol 291502241/ST9 291502031/ST9 Inox 291562031/ST9 291562041/ST9 291502041/ST9 291502121/ST9 Rental 11-5634-52 291502141/ST9 11-5681-03 291502021/ST9 11-5637-11 11-5634-22
50SE 291502544/ST9 291502621/ST9 11-5686-03 291502521/ST9
53 4SE 11-8638-24 293532541/ST9
53S 293532241/ST9
53S 293532131/ST9 11-8734-13 293532041/ST9 11-8737-14 293532021/ST9 11-8730-03 11-8730-33 11-8786-53 11-8730-04 293532141/ST9 11-8786-04 11-8786-03 293532221/ST9
53SE 11-8738-13 11-8738-33
Pro 50 4S 11-7404-21 291563038/ST9 11-5403-11 291503038/ST9 291501028/ST9 291501048/ST9 291501138/ST9 11-5635-12 11-5635-13 11-5634-53 291502138/ST9 291502038/ST8
Pro 53 4S 293533038/ST9 11-8736-13 11-8736-14 293532038/ST9
Multimower; 48S 290486141/ST9 295486148/S16
Turbo; 45S 12-1234-41 12-1234-42 B 12-1281-41 12-1281-42 292452041/ST9 292452021/ST9
47 Combi 23-7134-16 23-7134-17 B 23-7181-16 23-7181-17
47S 23-7234-16 23-7286-56 23-7103-06 23-7203-06 23-7234-17 B 23-7281-16 23-7281-47 23-7235-17
48S BW 294487028/S75 294487028/ST9 294487041/ST9 294487021/ST9
50S 12-5234-44 12-5286-04 12-5286-64 12-5230-24 12-5230-25 23-5286-44 12-5286-45 12-5203-64 292502041/ST9 292502021/ST9
50SE 12-5298-44 12-5238-24 12-5238-25 292502541/ST9
53 4S BW 291597841/ST9 291597821/ST9 Combi 23-5430-16 23-5430-17 23-5486-17 23-5637-17 951573041/ST9
53 4SE 23-5438-17 23-5438-16
53S 4S 23-5486-16 294537028/S75 23-5434-76 23-5434-76 294537038/ST9 23-5430-77 291597041/ST9
53S BW Plus 294537041/ST9 294537021/ST9 23-5637-27
53S 23-5286-56 23-5286-66 23-5204-56 12-7837-11
53SE BW Plus B 294537521/ST9
53SQH BBC 299538838/S17
55 4S 12-9497-13 292554041/ST9 292553021/ST9
55 4SE 12-9438-22 12-9438-32 12-9438-23 292554541/ST9
55S 12-9204-42 12-9230-42 12-9286-62 12-9230-32 12-9204-62 12-9230-22 12-9286-82 12-9230-23 12-9286-22 12-9286-32 12-9286-93 12-9204-82
55SE 4S 12-9498-22 12-9498-82
Excel 50 290501041/ST9 290507041/ST9 290517031/ST9 290501021/ST9 290508031/ST9 290518031/ST9 290502541/ST9 50S 290502041/ST9 290506021/ST9 290506031/ST9 290516021/ST9
Pro 50S 292502038/ST9 292502138/ST9 12-5203-24 12-5204-34 12-5204-44 12-5204-54
Pro 53 4S Inox 12-7905-11
Pro 55 4S 292553021/ST9 12-9404-32 12-9404-52 12-9404-62 12-9405-53


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