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The premium Mountfield 1538H hydrostatic twin-bladed lawn mower is a truly versatile and hard working machine. This lawn tractor is ideal for lawns of up to 2.5 acres and designed to cut wider than the wheel length, which means there will be a very minimal amount of trimming to take care of afterwards, saving you valuable time and effort.

Easy to operate and a pleasure to drive, the comfy seat is fully adjustable and the dashboard features an LED display. Reaching a top speed of 8.1km/h, this Mountfield 1538H hydrostatic twin-bladed lawn tractor is easy to operate and you will get your mowing finished in record time. The headlights and brake lights add to its safety features and ensure you can work for longer, even in fading light.

Featuring a smooth hydrostatic transmission you can choose from an infinite amount of speeds, whether you are in forward or reverse gear. To move forward simply press the pedal until you reach the desired speed. To slow down simply lift your foot off the pedal. To reverse you press the back part of the pedal. It’s worth noting that on the whole, customers who buy a hydrostatic model state that they would not want to go back to the manual version! Set the pace to suit your surroundings and take pleasure in the ultra-smooth gear changes. The 98cm working cutting width, together with the light steering and tight turning circle means you can maneuver easily around obstacles in your garden and also carefully mow along edges and borders.

The high-powered Mountfield 452cc ST 500 engine has been designed to be economical and efficient and will require a minimal amount of servicing and maintenance over its long life. To bring this smooth running lawn tractor to life you simply turn the electric key to start and you’re set to go. Engaging the cutter deck is super simple too – pull out the control switch for “On” and push it in for “Off”.

Seven cutting heights that range from the lowest setting at 25mm upto the highest setting of 80mm ensure your Mountfield 1538H hydrostatic twin bladed lawn tractor is versatile and ready for any length of grass that you need it for. You can change the settings from the driving seat and you won’t need any additional tools, in fact you can change the height “on the go” making this model incredibly versatile if you have different areas or lengths of grass in your garden.

Whilst you are mowing you are hardly likely to notice the hard work going on inside the stylish interior of this Mountfield 1538H lawn tractor. But take it from us, the grass is being very efficiently cut thanks to the twin blades and it will be cleanly blown into the 240 litre grass collector. Before you know it, an alarm will sound and you will know it’s time to empty the collector before it gets over full. It’s easy and fun to empty the collector, simply reverse up to your compost heap, pull the lever and say goodbye to your cut grass!

A mulch plug is included and if mulched grass sounds like mushed grass to you then fear not, this premium lawn mower has such a modern mulching system that you will barely notice the mulched grass on your lawn. It will be finely cut and left in neat lines where it will act as a nutrient rich and natural lawn fertilizer. It contains everything your grass needs, to remain green and healthy. You won’t need to buy additional lawn fertilizing products, saving you money and time. The mulching plug is included as standard but if you wish to buy effort-saving accessories such as the Mountfield galvanised cart then you can purchase the Mountfield branded tow bar which fits this model. If your grass is too long to mulch and you don’t want to collect it you can choose to discharge it back onto your lawn. This is ideal if your grass has become very long or you have larger areas that you want to mow quickly. You can easily change between mulching, collecting or discharging in a matter of seconds – Mountfield suggest it takes less than a minute. You simply remove the collector, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector. To return to collection simply reverse the procedure.

The deck wash facility is incredibly useful for keeping the deck free from dirt and grass, prolonging its life and ensuring its 100% ready to go for next time. Simply attach your garden hose and use the power jet of water to wash it all away.

Highly manoeuvrable, the Mountfield 1538H is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission (5+1) and has a turning-circle of just 140cm. Twin-headlights facilitate safe operation when visibility isn’t great; while an adjustable high-backed seat ensures long hours of comfortable.

Add a towing hitch and open-up a whole new and exciting world of accessories and activities for you and your garden tractor. This is a wonderful garden tractor for lawns up to around two acres and for gardeners wanting the easiest of mowing sessions.

Mountfield offer a generous 5 Year warranty* (Terms & conditions apply) with this product.

Hydrostatic transmission

Forward and reverse speed is controlled by simply pressing a foot pedal, similar to driving an automatic car.

Hydrostatic transmission

Mulching function

Grass clippings are recycled back into the soil, returning valuable nutrients and saving you time and money!

Mulching function

Nozzle for cleaning

The mower is supplied with a special washing link for cleaning the cutting deck.

Wash Link

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