Mountfield 1530H Ride On Mower


Mountfield 1530H Ride On Mower

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A groundbreaking and very exciting breakthrough in lawn tractor design featuring twin-blade cutting action, and is an innovative, stylish, and performance machine at a remarkably affordable price, offering unrivalled collection, compact ergonomic design, comfort and cutting efficiency.

Designed to cut on larger lawns the 1530H features a hydrostatic drive, delivering precise and detailed, unlimited control over acceleration and deceleration, both forward and reverse, without clutching or gear changing up and down, to help negotiate obstacles and cut right up to edges, borders or walls, the tightest steering and handling available.

The tractor is powered by a powerful Mountfield ST 500 OHV 452cc series engine, which delivers 8.4kw (2800rpm) of power to deck and wheels and ensures a dependable, quiet and smooth performance. This is achieved by careful and expert engine design, researched for over ten years. Bearings are used on all of the spinning surfaces within the engine, with an internal oil pump ensuring that the engine is lubricated throughout without relying on oil being splashed around. The piston moves in a cast iron liner and the crankshaft is balanced to reduce vibration. Over ten years of research has gone into this engine and it shows.

The six-litre fuel tank speeds up working by ensuring longer sessions with less refuelling.

The non-timed, non-overlapping twin-blade action of the cutting deck, which cuts the whole width of the machine, is carefully calibrated to maintain a smooth and even cut while avoiding any damage that might be caused by obstacles knocking the blades. The airflow created by the blades, and the design of the deck facilitate unrivalled collection in wet and dry conditions, with the grass stream powered straight back into the collecting bag, and the bag has a very large 240 litre capacity – unusual for a tractor of this size – so you spend far less time emptying your cuttings on the compost heap and more time actually mowing

Versatility and cutting power is aided by the a seven-position cutting height adjustment, with a useful range of heights from 25mm up to 80mm, so you can create a close, clean and even cut or mow longer patches of grass, with variations in between.

All the controls on the Mountfield 1530H are very simple to use and specifically designed to be within optimal reach of the operator. This includes the easy-to-use cutting -height adjustment handle, which requires minimum effort and engages easily, The overall design of the tractor is carefully though out to make use stress free, this runs to the step-through shape, making it easy to get on and off the machine and the gripping but soft underfoot mounting plates/foot rests, angled for optimum position. There is an ergonomically shaped seat, padded for extra comfort and mounted on a spring suspension system. The seat is adjustable so you can sit in the optimum position for mowing and the moulded steering wheel is shaped and positioned for comfort and convenience.

The wheels are fitted with heavy-duty pneumatic tyres for great traction and stability in awkward terrain or muddy conditions. A deck wash system enables you to sluice the cutting deck easily, keeping the deck at its most efficient. Simply attache a hose with standard collection, start the engine, engage the blades and the water will be pushed around rinsing the grass out the deck to keep maintenance to a minimum.

The twin blades are electronically engaged and has a 84cm wide cut, with the overall width of the Mountfield 1530H at 90cm, so the tractor should be able to be negotiate most standard garden entrances.

To enable cut and drop on rough grass areas, a deflector kit is available separately; as is a mulch plug collection-free mowing and a tow bar for attachments.

Specification for Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor 84cm / Hydro
* Starting Method: Electric Key
* Engine Brand: Mountfield
* Mountfield ST 500 OHV engine
* Engine Capacity: 452cc
* Net Power Output: 7.4kW @ 2400rpm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 6 Litre
* Transmission: Hydrostatic & Reverse
* Drive: 2WD
* Turning Circle: 180cm
* WheelsFront:15″ Rear:18″
* Max Speed: 9.7km/hr
* Blade Engagement: Electronic
* Cutting Width: 84cm / 33″
* Cutting Heights: 25-80mm (7 Positions)
* Collector: 240 litres
* Collector Full Buzzer: Yes
* Head Lights: Yes
* Parking Brake: Yes
* Battery Charger: Yes
* Weight: 171kg
* Lawn Size: Up to 1.5 acres
* Dimensions: Length 234cm Width 90cm
* 5 Year Warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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Weight 178.0000 kg
Dimensions 234.0000 × 102.0000 cm


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