Atco Clipper 16 Cylinder Mower


Atco Clipper 16 Cylinder Mower

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Get your hands on the precision engineered ATCO Clipper 16-cylinder mower and you’ll be able to create the sort of super neat, golf-green-style finish that simply can’t be achieved with a rotary type machine!

At the heart of the Clipper 16 is a six-bladed steel cylinder that cuts with a scissor-like action – this ensures there’s no twisting or tearing, reduces stress on the grass and prevents any unsightly discolouration.
Infinitely variable adjustment means you can set the cutting-height with the utmost exactness (7-30mm); while front- and rear rollers will produce that traditional striped effect that’s so characteristic of the British lawn.

The ground speed on the self-propelled Clipper 16 is also infinitely adjustable, so you’ll be able to work at a pace that’s firstly most comfortable; and secondly best suits the density and length of the grass you’re mowing.

Ideal for areas up to 500m2, the Clipper 16 has a 40cm cutting width and is supplied with a 51L forward mounted grassbox.

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