Stihl RLA 240 Cordless Scarifier Bare Tool


Stihl RLA 240 Cordless Scarifier Bare Tool

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The STIHL RLA 240 cordless lawn scarifier is the ideal choice for scarifying or combing smaller, more irregular lawns. Part of the STIHL AK System, this scarifier is powered by a 36v lithium-ion battery which makes it possible to maintain your lawn cordlessly and enjoy full freedom of movement when guiding the scarifier – without any worry of cables getting in your way or emissions!

Thanks to its working width of 34 cm, the scarifier combines high manoeuvrability with efficiency – especially on lawns with lots of corners. It also gives you the option of either scraping the turf using the scarifying blades unit for better aeration or combing the dead grass and moss out of your lawn using the spring tine roller. Simply attach the tool you need in a few simple steps, adjust the working depth using the infinitely adjustable scale and start aerating or combing your lawn. Any accumulating plant remains are collected in the 50-litre grass catcher box.

The STIHL RLA 240 is energy efficient and highly stable thanks to its lightweight and robust polymer housing. The easy-running wheels make it very manoeuvrable, the foldable handlebar and two integrated carrying handles simplify transport and a spring mechanism makes removing the lithium-ion battery easy for charging or storing.

Working area covered with recommended optional AK 30 battery is 250 m2.

Standard features

  • Spring tine attachmentZoom
    Spring tine attachment

    The spring tine roller removes surface moss and lawn thatch with its tines, without making cuts in the turf. It can be used on the STIHL lawn scarifier model RLE 240 instead of the scarifying unit. It can be installed using standard tools.

  • Scarifying unit Zoom
    Scarifying unit

    The scarifying unit of the STIHL lawn scarifiers is equipped with sturdy, fixed blades. The sharp blades effectively aerate the lawn.

  • Easy-running wheels Zoom
    Easy-running wheels

    The easy-running wheels of the STIHL lawn scarifiers are equipped with a traction and directional stability tread pattern. This makes the scarifiers easy to manoeuvre during lawn aeration and gives them good grip.

  • Carrying handle Zoom
    Carrying handle

    The housing of the STIHL lawn scarifier features an integrated carrying handle. It can be used to tilt or load the machine with ease. The carrying handle also acts as an impact protector and protects the housing of the scarifier when the machine makes contact with obstacles on the lawn.

  • Foldable handlebar Zoom
    Foldable handlebar

    Thanks to the foldable handlebar, STIHL lawn scarifiers can be easily cleaned and compactly stored.

  • Polymer housing Zoom
    Polymer housing

    The polymer housing of the STIHL lawn scarifiers is made from an especially sturdy polymer. The material is resistant to impact as well as heat and UV.

  • AK 30Zoom
    Optional AK 30

    Compact lithium-ion battery for the AK System with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 180 Wh. Battery life depends on the device type. With charge level indicator (LED). Compatible with AL 101, AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500 chargers.

Technical data

Technical data Value
Cutting width cm 34
Sound power level LWAd dB(A) 92
Uncertantiy factor K m/s² 2.4
Rated capacity W 900
Uncertantity factor KpA dB(A) 3
Working depth mm 15
Vibration level ahw m/s² 4.8
Rated output (W) / Rated speed (rpm) W/rpm 3.300

Additional information

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Battery Range

Cutting Size



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