Stiga SFC 530 AE Series 500 Fast Charger


Stiga SFC 530 AE Series 500 Fast Charger

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Fast Battery Charger for Stiga’s 500 Series Range of battery powered tools. This charger has double the output of the Standard 500 Series charger, resulting in a quicker charge time, letting you get back to work faster. Stiga’s own unique firmware software and battery technology has resulted in a dual battery system with unprecedented flexibility. While a single battery can be used on the majority tools in the 500 series (machine and battery capacity dependent), two batteries can be used in tandem in the 500 series lawnmowers.

Unlike other dual-battery systems, the 500 series batteries synchronize with each other and balance their discharge rate – this means that the power delivered is higher at all times compared to machines which discharge their batteries one at a time. It also results in less stress on the batteries, meaning a longer runtime in general and a longer working lifespan.

Specification for the Stiga SFC 530 AE Fast Charger

* Output Current: 3.0 A
* Weight: 1.9kg
* 2 Year Domestic Warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.0000 kg
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