Aeroflow Tap (to fit Aspen 25L cans)


Aeroflow Tap (to fit Aspen 25L cans)

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Screw on dispensing tap for Aspen 2 & 4 25L containers.

Makes filling up smaller containers such as Aspen 5L containers or combi cans super simple whilst minimising the risk of spillage.


  1. screw the tap securely onto the 25L container
  2. put the 25L container onto its side making sure the valve is in the off position
  3. position the tap so it hangs of the edge of the surface to allow you to position the container (which is to be filled) beneath the tap
  4. open tap and drain correct amount of fuel
  5. shut of valve and stand the 25L can upright again.
  6. remove the tap during storage and place standard 25L cap back on the 25L container

Note: works best when the small breather vent has been cut open. This allows for 5L of Aspen fuel to be emptied through the tap in approximately 40 seconds.


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